Reopening Plan Summary for 2020/2021 Academic Year







    1. We believe the best setting for preschool classes is in the classroom where students can more effectively develop social skills necessary for their future education.  This setting would be our preference for reopening as long as a secure, healthy environment can be provided.   Our Health and Safety Plan for reopening in the classrooms is based on the latest CDC Considerations for School.


    1. Our reopening plans are tentative and may change if local COVID-19 transmission rates change, and when information and guidelines are updated.  Changes are also likely during the school-year.  We will stay alert to changes, and be flexible to adjust plans to assure safety while doing our best to continue provide the best early-learning experience.  We understand this can be difficult for students and their families, and we ask for your patience and understanding.


    1. We understand that it isn't possible to eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19 as long as cases of it are in our local communities.  Our goal is to minimize transmission of COVID-19 among our students, their families and our staff, while safely providing preschool activities.


    1. At this time our plan is to reopen in classrooms for all students and staff.
    2. If COVID-19 related events during the school-year cause extended dismissal or closure of preschool, continuing education would be made available to all students by using "online distance learning" methods.


    1. The Preschool formed a Health and Safety Team to formulate and implement a plan to reopen for the 20/21 School-year.  Members of the Team include Sam Thomas, Preschool Board, Lorelei Lewis and Donna Boyer, Preschool teachers, and Pastor Bob Kramer, St. Daniel's Lutheran Church Interim Pastor.


    1. Our plan includes adding a Health & Safety Coordinator to the Preschool staff.  This position will provide daily health monitoring, respond to student and staff illnesses that occur during the school-day, assist with daily disinfecting and sanitizing procedures, and assist teaching staff as needed. 


    1. We are also trying to identify a "Local Health Official" or Medical Advisor that would work with the Preschool staff when dealing with COVID-19 issues, exposures, and confirmed cases.  We encourage families to consult with their family physician for COVID-19 information and questions.



    1. Students and Staff must stay home if sick, or have had close contact with a person with COVID-19.
      • Staff and Students must do at-home screening before each school-day.  At home screening procedures will be provided to families. 
      • A completed "Daily Home Screening Report" must be given to the H&S Coordinator each day upon arrival.
      • The H&S Coordinator will check the temperature of each student upon arrival at school each day.  Students with a temperature reading of 100 degrees or higher should not attend school.


    1. Staff will practice, and teach students, safe Hygiene Practices.
      • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
      • Cough/sneeze into tissue, dispose tissue properly, wash/sanitize hands immediately.
      • Provide easily accessible trash receptacles throughout preschool area.  Staff will assure adequate hygiene supplies are always on-hand.


    1. Cloth Face Coverings
      • Cloth face coverings are meant to protect others from a wearer that could be infected,  with, but not exhibiting symptoms, of COVID-19.
      • They are required for staff whenever proper distancing cannot be assured.
      • They are required for all students whenever proper distancing cannot be assured.
      • Classroom and outdoor activities will be planned to assure proper distancing in order to reduce the need for students to wear face covering.


    1. Provide constant reminders for staff, students and families to practice protective measures.
      • Post signs at key spots to remind students, staff and parents of good practices.  Signs should be age appropriate.
      • Periodically send reminders to parents for at-home practices using single-page email or flyers.
      • Include reminders on all documents sent home to families by using footnotes with short health and safety messages.


    1. Complete daily cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting according to written procedures.  Disinfecting and sanitizing will be done for touchable surfaces and objects frequently during the class-day as students and staff move between learning centers and daily activities, and at the end of each school-day.


    1. Provide each student with their own 'supplies box' containing all items they will use in Learning Centers and other activities.  These will be stored in a secure location and disinfected frequently.  If preschool must be dismissed for an extended time, students will take their 'supplies box' home so they can participate in online learning activities.


    1. Eliminate sharing of common items, unless first disinfecting the items to be exchanged.  Each student will have their own 'activity bin' for toys only they will use during the class-day.  Bins and toys will be disinfected after each class-day.


    1. Implement 'cohorting'.  Each class will be divided into Sections of no more that 6 students.  The students will remain in these Sections for no less than a month, and possibly longer if necessary to minimize risk of spreading the virus. 


    1. Each classroom will have three work tables.  Two students can work at each table separated by a barrier, in order to maintain proper distancing.  The maximum class size will  be 18 students, which is determined by number and size of classrooms available to Preschool.


    1. Snacks will be provided during the class-day.
      • Drinks and snacks will be served to each Section in their classroom.
      • Drinks and pre-packaged snack will be provided by Preschool, with disposal containers and utensils.
      • Students and staff will wash hands just prior to snack time.  Trash will be disposed in proper containers.  Hands will be sanitized after disposing of trash.


    1. Playgrounds and Hallways
      • Indoor play area will be closed.
      • Outside playground can be used occasionally, but limited to one Section at a time.  Playground equipment will be disinfected before each use.
      • Moving thru hallways will be staggered as much as possible, with the goal of not having more than one Section in hallways at the same time.  The students will be required to wear face covering when in the hallway.


    1. Large Gatherings
      • There will be no singing in classrooms, until further notice.
      • All Programs (Christmas, Closing, parades, etc.) are cancelled.
      • There will be no Field Trips.


    1. Use outdoor activities as much as possible to (a) provide breaks for required face coverings, (b) reduce playground time, and (c) provide learning experiences.
      • Nature walks
      • Scavenger hunts
      • Power walking, skipping, jumping
      • Chalk drawing


    1. Preschool area closed to all visitors during the school day.
    2. Implement a communication system to provide timely COVID-19 information to Preschool families; such a notification of exposures or illnesses, and changes in preschool class schedules, restrictions, and dismissals or closures.


    1. Follow CDC Recommendations
      • Student or staff becoming ill with COVID-19-like symptoms during the school day.
      • Student or staff exposure to someone with COVID-19.
      • Student or staff that tests positive for COVID-19.
      • Requirements to allow student or staff to return to school.
    2. Contact Local Health Official/Advisor of COVID-19 related illnesses, exposures, or cases for assistance in determining next steps.
    1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
      • "Preparing K-12 School Administrators for a Safe Return to School in Fall 2020"; dated 7/23/2020
      • "Considerations for Schools"; dated 5/19/2020
    2. PA Department of Education
      • "Preliminary Guidance – Phased Reopening of Pre-K to 12 Schools"
      • "Health and Safety Plan Template"
    3. American Academy of Pediatrics
      • "COVID-19 Planning Considerations: Guidance for School Re-entry"
    4. Positively Preschool (Online Forum for Preschool Teachers)
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