Church Committees


CHURCH COUNCIL: is the governing body of St. Daniel's congregation. All committees, subcommittees, task forces, and organizations are responsible to the Council.

Active Ministry: is the service and outreach committee of the congregation responsible for our ministry to and for others.

  • Pastoral Care Team
  • Newsletter

  • Arts and Music: is responsible for programs and services for both congregation members and the wider community. A major activity is the planning and presentation of the annual Vespers Service.

    Christian Education: is responsible for insuring that a variety of educational programs are maintained to further the learning of our members.

    Youth Ministry: is responsible for the youth groups of the congregation.

    Fall Fest: funds raised for youth and preschool programs as well as other designated activities.

    Evangelism: is the committee established to provide for our witness to the Gospel and to buildup this community of believers.

    Fellowship Committee: provide social programs for the congregation.

    Finance: is charged with preparing the budget, overseeing the wise and proper use of all funds, and maintaining accurate records of the congregation's income and expenses. The investment portfolio is the responsibility of this committee as well.
  • Memorial Fund
  • Educational Opportunity Fund
  • Capital Fund

  • Mutual Ministry: is responsible for offering guidance and support to the paid staff of St. Daniel's.

    PreSchool: is charged with oversight, budgetary control and direction to the PreSchool staff as well as acting as liaison to the Church Council.

    Property: is accountable for the maintenance and protection of all property owned by the congregation.
  • Kitchen Committee
  • Building Needs:assess and make recommendations regarding future building needs of the congregation

  • Stewardship: is responsible for encouraging members to share their gifts (time, talents, financial resources) with this Christian community and the church-at-large.

    Worship and Music: is mandated to see that the worship life of this congregation is expressed in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the ELCA.
  • Chancel
  • Choirs (vocal & bells)