Any youth of 5th grade age or above is encouraged by the church to celebrate Holy Communion. The church believes that most youth of the 5th grade age level are capable of understanding and expressing a faith awareness appropriate to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. While a young person no longer must wait until he/she has been confirmed to commune the decision to participate in this sacrament is to be made by the parents and child.

Instruction: All pre-confirmed youth must participate in an instructional program prior to receiving the Eucharist. Classes are held yearly prior to Ash Wednesday. Materials are provided for the classes. At least one parent of the youth is asked to attend class sessions. Private instruction with the pastor may be arranged. Youth who have already received instruction at an earlier age from another church are welcome to the Lord's Table.

Communion Date: The youth's first Communion is celebrated either on Ash Wednesday or at a Sunday Communion Service during Lent.

Recognition: Flowers or other items to be given first Communicants is at the discretion of the parents.

Reception: A reception honoring those receiving Communion for the first time must be planned by the youth's parents.

Pictures: The class will gather for pictures. Individual or group pictures are the responsibility of participating families.