Confirmation Class

Confirmation is a "pastoral and educational ministry of the Church that is designed to help baptized youth identify with the life and mission of the adult Christian community, and is celebrated in a public rite."

Instruction: A two year Confirmation program is provided for youth in grades 7 and 8 (or of that age). Each youth is required to: 1) participate in the life of the congregation, including Worship and Confirmation classes; 2) memorize and understand the Apostles' Creed, Ten Commandments, and Lord's Prayer; 3) give service time to the church and/or community; and 4) indicate a desire to affirm his/her faith commitment.

Materials: Educational materials written by the Lutheran Church are provided. The basic material found in Luther's catechism, church history,introductory theology and ethics, and Bible awareness are emphasized.

Time: The two year program is a combined class that meets during the Church School hour.

Rite of Confirmation: Annually youth are confirmed on Pentecost Sunday unless Pentecost falls on Memorial Day weekend. Then, confirmation is scheduled for Trinity Sunday which occurs a week later.

Reception: A reception for those confirmed is hosted by the parents and youth of the 7th grade class following the service.

Pictures: A class picture is taken and available for purchase. Any number of prints may be ordered.