Through the years the women of the church have been quilting. In 1975, after a period of inactivity, the quilting group was revived and has continued until today. During the last 33 years, 38 women have quilted, both members and non-members of the church with six women currently keeping up the tradition in 2008.

Each year the quilters make a quilt from scratch and donate it to be auctioned off at the Fall Fest. Prior to that quilts were made and auctioned off at the Church Bazaar- a total of 23 quilts.

As of October of 2008, 724 quilts have been quilted and almost $50,000 donated to the church from this effort.

Persons interested in joining the quilters or having their quilts sewn by the quilters group may contact Corrine Eckert for more information. Costs are based on the number of yards of thread used on the project.

The profits that the quilters have realized from their efforts have paid for kitchen stoves, dishes, flatware, a regular donation to the heating fund, and memorial trees to honor Pastor Weir. Each year a quilt has been donated to the Fall Fest.