Youth Programs

The youth at St. Daniel's Lutheran Church are an active, dynamic representation of younger church members. Throughout the year, many events are held for youth in grades 7 - 12. Most of the activities combine middle and high school youth with some events held solely for high school, middle school and elementary ages.

Youth Activities include:Dorney Park, white water rafting, Fall Fest assistance, soup making, cake pan fundraiser, candy making, youth quake, Maundy Thurs. dinner, monthly visit to local nursing home

Youth Room Renovation - all members and youth are invited to check out the Youth Room downstairs. We have a new ping pong table, a new air hockey table, foosball, a new basketball game and much more on the way!

Youth advisors and parent volunteers oversee all programs. It is the goal of the St. Daniel's Youth Program to encourage and support our young people as they grow in their faith and commitment to the Lord by offering social events along with opportunities for Christian outreach and volunteerism to the church and the community.

Contact Joy Kline for information: or

Church Office Phone number: (610) 693-5145